BBDF_Cover_160.png BlackBerry Development Fundamentals was my first technical book and a lot of fun to write. The book is an introductory book on BlackBerry Development; the only book of its kind.

It explains in detail everything you need to develop applications for the BlackBerry platform. It covers the server components (BlackBerry Mobile Data System), each of the possible development options for the platform, how to install and operate RIM's free development plus how to deploy applications.

It's not a heavy code book nor is it a book on Java development for BlackBerry, there are other books out there that cover that well. It's a book that is designed to help new or existing BlackBerry developers get all of the fundamental skills they need to get started developing applications for BlackBerry.

It explains what you can and cannot do with mobile applications for BlackBerry, the platforms strengths and weaknesses (from a development standpoint) and contains many tricks that will help save BlackBerry developers lots of time when building their applications.

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